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First Circle

Boy's Night Out (Expanded Edition)

CD $4.00

Release Date:

November 2010

Nº of Discs:


Catalogue Nº



Funkytowngrooves USA


1. Workin’ Up A Sweat
2. Miracle Worker
3. In The Name Of Love
4. Dream You Came Back
5. Get It Off
6. Can’t Find A Love
7. You’re On My Mind
8. Boys’ Night Out
9. Workin’ Up A Sweat (Special Sweaty Mix)
10. Miracle Worker (Remix)
11. Can’t Find A Love (Club Mix)
12. Workin’ Up A Sweat (Radical Rusty Mix)

Item Description

low availability

BOYS NIGHT OUT was the sole album by the Brooklyn based quintet FIRST CIRCLE, released in 1986 on EMI America, the group had a promising start with the single "Workin Up A Sweat" doing well and moving up the charts, the band moved on to cut a long player that showed a young group with serious musical chops, the result of studio boot camping with producer Randy Muller (of Brass Construction/Skyy fame) for seven years prior to cutting their album.

The results were a superb album.

First Circle fans have been waiting for "Boy's Night Out" to
be Re-Issued on CD.

Now the album is available along with remixes of "Workin
Up A Sweat", "Miracle Worker" and "Can't Find A Love".

After you hear the excellent remastering of this classic 80s album , you'll agree it was well worth the wait.

Re-Mastered from the Original Studio Master Tapes.

Another long overdue and eagerly awaited Re-Issue from First Circle, the album from 1986, was produced Randy Muller, and has been Expanded with the addition of 4 Bonus Tracks.

Sound Samples are added!!

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